Packing your things is one of the hideous parts when you travel. You want to make sure that you bring everything you need, but you are somehow restricted because of the luggage allowance, and of course, you do not wish to have a hard time carrying heavy loads when you travel.

clothes space bag

Fold Things Vertically, Konmari Way

Fold your clothes vertically to the height of your suitcase so that when you put your clothes in, everything will fit right to the rim and you can see all your clothes at a glance. Many jet-setter vouch for this way of folding your clothes and living out of a suitcase because you do not want to take things out every time you reach your hotel and pack your items back again when leaving. You can only unpack what you need for that day.

Put Everything in Pouches

With the limited space you have, it is essential to organize your things before putting it inside your suitcase. You can put them in a pouch and categorize them; in that way, it will be easy for you to grab your things. You can have a separate pouch for your underwear, toiletries, make-up, random tech accessories.

beauty products makeupDownsize Products

Transfer all your large products into smaller containers. Instead, if bringing your daily products’ full-containers, save up all your sample-sized or travel-sized products when you travel. Aside from the limited size, you can get inside the airport, which will also save your space for your suitcase so you can put other essential items inside your luggage.

Scatter Your Cash

You do not want to keep your money in one place, because what if you get pick-pocketed? Something got stolen? You need to make sure that you have some back-up cash if unforeseen circumstances happen while you are on your travel.

airport walkalator bagCreate Easy Access

If you want to get something while you are on the plane, make sure to put it in your purse or in the backpack that you will have right next to you—things like your medicine, cards, passport, cellphone, power bank, and money.

Tag Your Bags

You must have a name tag on all your bags just because you don’t know what will happen. What if your bag gets lost? Even if it is a carry-on. It is always safe to put your name, email address, and contact number if things like these happen.

Bottom Line

Here are just some of the advises that you can follow to traveling light. Just make sure that you everything that you need and is wise on the limited space and luggage allowance. It is always lovely to travel with fewer worries to enjoy and have a memorable trip.…

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