Asia is the biggest continent in this world. Interestingly, it has some exotic destinations you cannot afford to miss. Right from huge mountains to beautiful seas, Asia has it all. In fact, it is bounded by three oceans, the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Apart from this, there are several Exotic destinations in Asia that makes it one of the popular tourist attractions. If you are planning on traveling to Asia, here are some destinations you can’t afford to miss.

Ratu Boko, IndonesiaRatu Boko, Indonesia

If you are looking for a beautiful and picturesque destination in Asia, Indonesia is the place to be. Even though it is a small destination, it has all extremely beautiful places to visit. The Yogyakarta region is one of the famous tourist destinations. It has a Buddhist temple Borobudur along with a Hindu temple Prambanan. Ratu Boko is another overlooked destination that is well known for its cultural and religious origin.

An Bang Beach, Vietnam

Hoi An is a famous tourist hang out spot, but it has become too crowded. Due to this, most people love to relax on the An Bang beach. There are some beach shack bars where tourists can enjoy a drink and some lip smacking food. There is simply nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine and watching the sunset on the beach.

Garden of Dreams, NepalGarden of Dreams, Nepal

You can spend some days in Kathmandu and head straight to the Garden of Dreams. The Garden has numerous exotic plants and European designed Nepali style gardens and pavilions. You can walk through the small pathway and check out the renovation the garden went through from the royal dynasty till the Austrian restoration. In simple words, this garden is a treat for the eyes. You can either admire the garden, or you can enjoy reading a book by sitting on a rock.

Haputale, Sri Lanka

The beautiful town of Haputale is a great view, especially at dawn. The first thing that comes to your mind after visiting this place is that of an English market. It has busy markets on the Haputale, Sri Lankanarrow mountain ridge. Apart from this, you can also find several remnants of the British legacy in Sri Lanka in the tea plantations spread throughout the town.

With that being said, these are some of the popular Exotic destinations in Asia. There is something for every tourist in Asia, be it mountains or beaches. If you are looking for some breathtaking destinations, Asia is the place to be…

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