Ever since the financial downtown, the cost of air travel has skyrocketed, and more people are only travelling by planes when extremely necessary. If you are a frequent airline traveller, some of the best ways you could use to bring down the cost of your air ticket include;

Use Flight Comparison WebsitesAir Travel 02

Whenever you want to travel by air, it is advisable first to visit the best flight comparison websites. Here you will be able to see the prices charged by different airlines. Regularly updated flight comparison websites will help you identify pocket-friendly airlines travelling to your destination. Additionally, you will be able to know if a certain airline has offers and promotions

Travel Light and Check Baggage Charges

Travelling light or with an inboard luggage can greatly reduce your airfare as airlines have baggage. If you are travelling with baggage, compare different airline’s baggage policies and charges so as to select a cheaper carrier. Some airlines only permit one checked bag per traveller while other allows two. Taking time to compare the baggage charges and policy while help you identify a cheaper airline.

Air Travel 03Avoid In-Flight Expenses

In-flight facilities like meals, drinks and entertainment are usually expensive, and you might end up spending more. If you would like to watch a movie in flight, ensure to carry yours onboard. Have a meal before the flight is recommended so as not to buy any meals inflight.

Book Directly With Airline

Today, most airlines have direct booking portals where you can book and reserve your seat. Booking your airline directly on the airline website will be cheaper than using third parties who increase the fare so as to get their commission or cut.

Join Airline Reward Programs

For regular airline travellers, joining an airline reward program is the best way to save money on your airfare as airlines will reward you with points whenever you fly with them. These points can be redeemed for airfare discounts and even pay for the entire flight thus saving lots of money. Additionally, you can sign up with travel sites that can regularly update you on available offers and discounts

Change Time of TravelAir Travel 01

Airlines have a peak and off-peak travel times. In the UK for instance, airfares are higher during the weekends and lower during midweek. Changing your travel plans and traveling during off-peak days can greatly reduce the cost of air travel for you.…

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