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Hello my name is Donald and I like to travel whenever I can, this blog is all about my travels and experiences and also about what I have read about. I hope you enjoyed my blog, thank you for visiting!

Garden and Lawn Tips for Travelers

Are you going on vacation? Congratulations! You deserve it after working hard. The good thing about vacations is that they can recharge your batteries and offer you the much-needed rest. At the end of the vacation, you will have a new outlook on life. However, if you are a gardener or like taking care of […]

Buying A Suitcase That Will Last For Years

One thing business trips, destination weddings, conferences, and vacations have in common is that in all these events, you need to carry some luggage with you. Ideally, having the right suitcase ensures that movements become easier and less stressful. On the contrary, having the wrong luggage is bound to make your trip full of problems. […]

Holiday Cottages in North Wales

Whatever you like to do, there are numerous things to learn about North Wales in order to get the most from your family holiday. Economical Accommodation There are many types of accommodation suited to a family looking for a bargain holiday in North Wales including Snowdonia holiday cottages. Every one has its enticing factors as well […]

Airport Transfer Services Vs Taxi Service

Whenever we talk about the various forms of surface transport, there is no doubt that taxis have a big role to play. Airport transfer service is also another option for people who want to avoid the stress of using taxis. For airport transfer services visit AAA Corporate Car & Limo to get the best transport […]

Facts About the Puerto Princesa Underground River

Puerto Princesa Underground River is one of the popular tourist spot in the Philippines for both the local and foreigners. This underground river offers a unique experience of over-arched natural limestone in a river. This means the river is under the ground but just a little bit above the sea level. This river is approximately […]

4 Easy Guides for Traveling in Style

Traveling can prove to be a daunting task if you do not know how to do it in style. While many people yearn to visit places and tour around the world, only a few know the dos and don’ts of traveling in style. Travel style guide can help you from keeping your makeup and look […]

Tips To Find Expert Wedding Photographer

Nowadays, there are several wedding photographers out there. In fact, most of them are operating their outfits, whereas others work for big photo studios. No matter the case, you need to make right enquiries to get the best wedding photography. It is your role to do your homework and get to know the various companies […]

Foolproof Rules For Finding Best Late Restaurants

The airplane comes down in strange areas; the airport limo drops you at the hotel and after some few minutes you start wondering where should you eat. Business meetings, museums, and other tourist attractions can wait.  Nowadays, traveling is much about the food you ate while away than what you saw. Although, it is not possible […]